I’ve got a few submissions for the “novel” project I described here last month. I’m not quite sure what to do with them because I don’t yet know what…
Some years ago, I had a vivid two-punch dream, in which I felt I was being recruited into a Russian intelligence agency. I was lucid—that is, aware I…

December 2022

You now can start your own threads on Psychopolitica's Substack Chat
This post is a further development of the idea I first described in Russia’s Psychotic Break. It started as a round-about way to process Russia’s war…

November 2022

By way of an update: my idea for “a serialized epistolary novel of sorts“ that I described here last week has grown in my mind considerably, to the…
I have given up on writing a Russia/Ukraine op-ed for the NYT—I’m too close to the topic, my feelings on it too raw and my thoughts too hopeless and…

October 2022

Jason Novak's latest project
Checking in with Jason NovakWatch now (63 min) | Now that I’m settled, more or less, in Yerevan, I want to come back to my habit of having video calls with PsyPol’s paying…
A day before Putin announced mobilization—a first for Russia since WW2—I was in a taxi. We made a turn from a sun-lit street into a darker one, and the…

September 2022

I’m writing this on a train going from Moscow to St. Petersburg. For the first couple of hours, until we reached Vyshniy Volochok, a Christian Orthodox…
Plus, the new Russian military cathedral
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