A Weird News Project animation

February 2022

Government regulates Cyberspace + AI raises embryos, prosecutes criminals, reads workers' minds
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December 2021

At a UN meeting in Geneva, representatives of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots proposed an international ban on any weapons that could use lethal…
Trying to figure out the format for my “weird news” project has been a little frustrating. I have a fairly clear artistic/editorial vision for it, but…
Every once in a while I find myself listening to Terence McKenna audio tapes. I want to share one segment with you.

November 2021

6 years ago I was getting ready to quit the last office job that I had. I had saved a little money so that I didn’t have to worry about food and rent…

October 2021

A couple of months ago I made a mock issue of a newsletter that would use the old school, dry, simply-reporting-the-facts journalistic voice to…

July 2021

A prototype

June 2021

Russian Propaganda, End Times News, Substack RPG