Russian Propaganda

Literary documents from the Russian public domain

Plus, the new Russian military cathedral
In 1924—the year of Lenin’s death—a little brochure titled Preschool Children on Lenin was published in Moscow. The editors claimed they had visited…
In the previous installments of Russian Propaganda, we looked at a Soviet fairy tale about Lenin and Stalin killing God, some stories and art from…
The Blaze, The Bayonet, The Magic Lantern, and The Mirror; with an unsympathetic mention of The Stinger
Pulp fiction meets Scientology meets QAnon in post-Soviet Russia
I continue to make my way through an archive of “satirical magazines” from the time of Russia’s First Revolution (1905—1907). Here is a feverish story…
The First Russian Revolution of 1905—1907 didn’t only lead to the creation of Russia’s first Duma and Constitution. It also spawned several hundred…
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